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What is UV ink? What is the main component of UV ink? Did you know all this?

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In the printing process, we often use a variety of inks, but many recent users reflect that the printing process is common UV ink is not very clear, want to UV ink main components and some understanding of the use. Here we are for the above problems on UV ink is what and the main components.

  What is UV ink? In fact, UV is the abbreviation of ultraviolet English words, and UV ink as the name implies is a UV light under the irradiation of instant curing ink. The ink in today's quality of life requirements of the era by its love, in the printing industry, the ink because of its fast curing, environmental protection and other characteristics are often favored. Since the 1960s UV ink research in the United States, it quickly put into the United States industrial production, and Britain, Germany and other Western countries and Japan also followed the study of the ink, and production. Relative to the above countries, China's research time is relatively late, starting from the 1980s to research and development of ink, but in China's printing industry, the utilization rate of the ink is constantly improving, maintain the growth rate of 6%-8% high-speed growth, so as to promote the development of UV ink.

  In the printing industry UV ink is often not favored for a certain reason, because it has the following characteristics.

  1.Fast ink drying speed, save printing time.

  2.The equipment itself small size, thus small footprint, and can be used in flow printing operations, saving manpower and economy.

  3.The drying process requires less energy and saves energy.

  4.Need the same dry film thickness, compared with other ink save raw materials.

  5.Good color stability and brightness.

  6.The oil particles in ink are small enough to print fine patterns.

  7.Ink in the use of the environment basically no above harm, protect the environment.

  When it comes to UV ink, it must be about the main components of UV ink, UV ink is mainly composed of pigment, oligomer, monomer, photoinitiator and various additives. Let's break them down.

  1.Monomolecular compound: A simple, low-molecular-weight compound used to reduce viscosity dispersion in ink applications.

  2.Additives: additives mainly include pigments, lubricants, thickening agents, fillers and other reagents, the special role of the ink in the use of transformation.

  3.Light solid resin: it is a kind of connecting material, in the use of ink, determines the curing speed of ink, wear-resisting properties.

   4.Initiator: it is equivalent to ink and light projection catalyst, in the use of ink by light stimulation, so that the ink can be rapidly projected.



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