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The mixing of ink is one of the important links in the printing process

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The distribution of ink is one of the important links in the printing process. The quality of ink distribution directly affects the quality of printed products. The following is the printing factory's experience of matching ink, and I hope to comment with us.

1.Toning ink, it is necessary to pay attention to: hue, lightness and chroma.

First, to carefully analyze the original color draft, according to the principle of three primary color ink to analyze the original color draft, determine the color of the main ink and the color of the auxiliary ink. Theoretically, any complex color can be assigned according to the principle of trichromatic ink. But in the internship, the single use of three primary color ink to distribute the color of customer request or not. So in the practice application there is a need to choose dark yellow, yellow, light yellow, dark blue, blue, light blue, light blue, dark red, red, orange, light red, green ink and so on more than ten kinds of ink talent to meet the application request.

Secondly, after hue adjustment, lightness distribution, generally we will encounter two situations: too strong and lack of lightness. Bright too strong, can participate in the appropriate hue of the strong color material may readily participate in black or white to lower the brightness. Lack of lightness, you can participate in some white ink may be suitable for hue of light color ink can make its lightness enhanced. For example, we felt that the yellow was too bright, so to reduce the brightness, we could add a little purple. After all, to adjust the chroma of the oil, when the color is too strong or too pure, you can participate in gray or black ink, perhaps in complementary color ink, if the color is too gray, then it should participate in pure strong color ink.

2.When matching ink, we should also consider what type of printer is used in the printing process.

The function of each printer is not the same, so in the ink to pay attention to the question is not the same. For example: offset printing machine with ink, should pay attention to the sample of ink color than the original color. As a result, there is no printing pressure, its ink layer is always strong. While printing rubber on the paper pressure is very large, the ink layer is strong and uniform, the amount of ink is less than the sample. The ink layer is thin, and the color is poor.

3.When matching ink, we should also understand the varieties of paper.

The use of loose texture, rough appearance of the paper, capillary adsorption capacity, can increase the ability to absorb ink, when matching ink should pay attention to increase the amount of ink. Use glossy, robust paper such as coated paper and use less ink. Should pay attention to reduce the amount of ink, to prevent waste.

4.Also consider the printer pressure size of the question.

Printer pressure large layout is flat, can make imprinting ink layer flat strong, uniform, printing plate without flower phenomenon. The machine pressure is small, the layout force is lack, so that the imprinted ink layer is not strong and strong, resulting in a printing plate attack, can only choose to increase the amount of ink to change the printing plate. This means that for the same plate and paper, printing on a low pressure machine requires more ink than printing on a high pressure machine. Therefore, the pressure of the layout of the printing plate, generally printed on the circular press machine, is not only beneficial to improve the quality of the product, but also to save ink.



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