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The 10th Beijing International Printing Technology Exhibition

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The 10th CHINA PRINT 2021, co-sponsored by CHINA Printing and Equipment Industry Association and CHINA International Exhibition Center Group Corporation, was successfully held in CHINA International Exhibition Center (CIEC) from June 23 to 27. With the theme of "Innovation leads the Future", the exhibition attracted more than 1,300 exhibitors from various countries and regions, opened eight permanent venues and set up four temporary venues in the New China International Exhibition Center (CIEC), with a total exhibition area of 160,000 square meters. According to incomplete statistics, the intended trade volume of CHINA PRINT 2021 reached up to 8 billion yuan, fully demonstrating the huge potential and development opportunities contained in the Chinese market.

As the first international comprehensive exhibition of the global printing industry in the post-EPIDEMIC era, the exhibition has received extensive attention and comprehensive coverage from more than 120 domestic and foreign media. Nearly 10 central media, more than 10 mainstream media, more than 40 domestic printing industry professional media have reported the exhibition.




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