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Model Royal Butterfly vegetable oil ink

Model Royal Butterfly vegetable oil ink

Solvent free / VOC free
Whole vegetable oil / fast solid aromatics free

Product features

This product is sheet fed offset printing ink. It is designed based on advanced environmental protection concept and adopts new technology to reduce PAH (polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons) in traditional ink components, reduce the toxicity to human technology, use edible vegetable oil and its derivatives to replace the solvent in traditional petroleum based ink, and reduce the pollution to the environment.

1. Evironmental protection, pure vegetable oil, solvent-free

2. Excellent fixing and drying performance, high gloss and high wear resistance.

3. It is suitable for all kinds of printing machines and all kinds of paper printing.

4. Excellent degradability and machine stability

Scope of application

It is suitable for high-speed multi-color printing, copper paper, matte paper, cardboard, offset paper and other substrate printing. It has excellent products with fast fixation and drying, high gloss and excellent wear resistance.


Technical indicators and parameters

  • yellow

  • red

  • blue

  • black

Technical indexyellowredblueblack
Paper drying/ hr<8<8<9< 9
Skinning time/ hr>24>24>24>24

Note: viscosity: the value measured for 1 minute at 32 ℃ 400 rpm. SR: parallel plate viscometer 0.5ml, 60s extension radius (mm). Fixation: Brush suitability instrument, 157G coated paper from Japan. Drying time: measured at 25 ℃ and 50% humidity.


Packing specification: 1kg packing

Product shelf life: three years (it can still be used if the technical indicators are qualified after the shelf life), and it shall be stored away from light and waterproof

In view of the diversity and complexity of printing conditions, printing substrates, post-processing conditions and customers' requirements for physical and chemical properties of prints, as well as the physical and chemical parameters of various inks are measured under specified conditions, they will change due to changes in conditions in practical application.

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