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蘇州SGP Soybean Oil Offset Ink

蘇州SGP Soybean Oil Offset InkEnvironmentally friendly soybean offset printing ink

Professional/Environmental protection
Saturated color/high wear resistance

New special soybean oil ink

Product features

This product is suitable for printing the printing speed of 10,000 to 13,000 / hour


High gloss

Excellent stability on press

Sharp dot gain

Excellent ink-water balance

Good transferring  performance

Scope of application

This product is suitable for a variety of offset for offset paper, coated paper, coated paper, cardboard and other various printing materials, used for printing high-level pictures, logos, brochures, decoration products.


Technical indicators and parameters

Light fastWater resistantAcid resistantAlkali resistanceAlcohol resistantSKINNING TIME (hr)
SGP85544> 24

Light fastness : 1-8(weak-strong) Others:1-5(weak-strong)



1.  In normal print directly on the machine under the conditions of use.

2. Can be post-processing, but to determine their compatibility before, such as the 

coating,  laminating, etc.

3. In a special matte paper and other paper please use cautiously.


Packing:  1kg/vacuum tin, 12tins/carton

Shelf Life :3 years (from the production date); Storage against light and water

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