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蘇州HPSynthetic paper ink

Professional / Environmental
High ink volume saving / fast fixation and quick drying

Plastic sheet, aluminum foil paper surface special

Product features

Model HP synthetic-paper offset ink is specially designed for those non-absorbable substrates, such as plastic sheet, foil paper, etc .Compared with ordinary offset ink, Model HP ink has the features of high concentration ratio and intensity, small volume of ink-coating, and takes on strong adhesion, quick setting, fast drying performances on the surface of plastic sheet, foil paper and other substrates. We suggest our model HP synthetic-paper offset ink when you print on the non-absorbable substrates.

Scope of application

HP recommends that users use HP synthetic paper inks in offset printing on plastic sheets, aluminum foil and other non-absorbent substrates.


Usage and precautions

1.Model HP four color ink is designed for dot printing, if the printing occasion or circumstance affects the dry, probably leads to the anti-drying accident,especially during the large area picture printing, blend in 2# dryer properly according to the printing condition.

2. Pay attention to the thickness of stacking paper. The thickness of stacking paper lies on the actual printing pictures at the premise of anti-setoff, and can also spray powder properly according to the special occasion.

3. Compare with ordinary paper printing,because of the non-absorbable of the substrate surface, diminish the water supply as much as possible at the premise of anti-pasting plate,and adjust the fountain solution PH value(5-7).

4.Except for plastic sheet and foil paper, model HP ink can also be used on these papers which surface is non-absorbable, such as synthesized paper, PVC and other synthetic papers pellicles. Using those kinds paper, the surface of substrate must be sufficient surface tension during offset printing. It may affect ink adhesion and printing results once surface tension is too small.

5. The use of assistant agent:

Add 2#Dryer (usage: 2%) if need drying much quickly during printing, the use depends on 3# dryer retarder: the printing accident 3# dryer retarder (usage: 2%). The use depends on the special printing condition, avoiding anti drying of paper.


Packing:  1kg/vacuum tin, 12tins/carton

Shelf Life :2 years (from the production date); Storage against light and water

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